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The Story of Legacy University
…Becoming a Light to a Nation.

“It is a special place,” the father said as he and his family sat on the balcony of
their hotel room and reflected on their vacation. “I don’t know exactly what
makes it so special…but here…it just all seems right in the world.”

t is a feeling conveyed quite frequently about “this special place” known as Ozark Mountain Country.

Millions of visitors have experienced the unique state of fulfillment. For some it is fleeting…
a feeling reserved only for vacations and once-in-awhile moments. For some it has become an expectation of the destination and they experience it every visit…welcoming it upon arrival and leaving it behind
“until-next-time” as they depart.

For others it is a persistent quest to recreate the feeling of “this special place” in their own lives - - in their own communities. It is these individuals who desire to explore the components of “this special place,” striving to discover the purposeful actions behind the creation of the unique spirit of the region...
its compassion, friendliness, service and empathy.

Introduce a place of purposeful learning and probable impact: Legacy University.

Legacy University shines light on the paths of learning… how to identify, model, nurture and showcase core-value centered actions in communities. Those who quest to create cultures focused on the heart of service, purpose and impact discover their possibilities at Legacy U. They return to their lives with the passionate spark that leaving a legacy creates.

To perpetuate the Ozark Mountain Spirit, Legacy University continually serves as a lighthouse to our own community…sharing the focus our Core Values provide and celebrating successes of applied learning.

Learning at Legacy U is experientially-based learning. Treasure hunts uncover legacy behaviors.
Pillars of success are shared. Plans are written.

Learning at Legacy U is not an event - - it is the beginning of a journey.

Legacy U – Catch The Spirit to Pass It On!

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